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Social Skills

Social Skills Description

Have you ever found yourself in one of those awkward lulls in a large group setting and having to create small talk? Or how about when someone you hardly know is sharing TMI and they’re not picking up your cues? Then there’s those moments where everyone wants to go to happy hour and you’d rather go home and finish marathoning your favorite series.  Understanding and elevating social skills can transform how teams interact in larger groups, build positive rapport cross-departmentally, and increase your overall likeability.


Benefits of Social Skills:

  • Adapt well to social challenges

  • Recognize verbal and nonverbal cues

  • Engage in meaningful conversations.

  • Build positive and meaningful connections

  • Communicate effectively.

  • Create a welcoming and inclusive environment

  • Increase employee morale and job satisfaction


Webinar Focus:

  • Learn how to interpret information and unspoken cues, build positive work relationships, and engage more comfortably in social settings 

  • Create your 3rd place location where your social skills can shine, where you build connections beyond work and home, and participate in a relaxed and belonging community..

August 27

at 1 PM PT

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