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As a business owner was processing her thoughts I noticed that although she spoke calmly, she’d clench her hands. “Are you feeling angry?” I asked. Surprised by my question, she said, “No, not at all.” But her body was communicating a different story. I reframed my question, “Do you feel disappointed?” She replied, “Yes, I feel disappointed.” From there, we were able to process the information she was carrying, and in forty-five minutes she came to a great decision. By recognizing your emotions as they happen, self-awareness helps you quickly develop well-thought-out plans, decisions, and solutions.


Benefits of Self-Awareness:

  • Recognize your emotions.

  • Acknowledge your emotions to others.

  • Understand how emotions impact you.

  • Interpret information more intentionally.

  • Make better decisions.

  • Understand the significance of emotions.

  • Process emotions effectively.

Webinar Focus:

  • Recognize, identify, and measure the five most common workplace emotions.

  • Explore the concept of "expression" and understand its role in your communication style.

  • Learn to move from avoiding to comfortably acknowledging your emotions.

June 27 at 1 PM PT

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