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A professional was exceptional in his field. Yet, he questioned his value whenever another team member was recognized for their performance.  This would shake his confidence and cause him to doubt his value.  He was sensitive to how people perceived him and it was easy for him to slip into comparing himself when what he really wanted was recognition for his highly qualified work. Self-worth and self-esteem can be negatively affected if too much emphasis is placed on external validation. The good news is that this adjustment was easy: he only had to strengthen his intrinsic motivation.


Benefits of Self-Motivation:

  • Strengthens self-worth

  • Driven by personal goals and inner fulfillment

  • Fully immersed and enjoying what one is doing

  • Proactive and action-oriented

  • Sets and achieves measurable goals

  • Celebrates personal achievements

  • Accepts challenges to keep things interesting

  • Strong commitment to personal development

  • Self-worth is independent of external validation


Webinar Focus:

  • Understanding the distinction between intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation and how to be self-motivated

  • Shift mindset from comparison to inspiration: seeing others' successes as motivation for personal achievement.

July 25

at 1 PM PT

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