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The more we become aware of how we perceive others, we are able to choose empathy more intentionally. It creates a genuine interest to understand other worldviews and perspectives. Empathy is a cornerstone in forming real connections with your colleagues and customers. It diminishes biases and makes space for curiosity to flourish.  A great example of empathy is what the luxury service industry refers to as intuitive customer care. In order to provide an empathetic environment, both internal and external customer service are equally essential. If you treated every employee like a hotel guest, how might the work culture dramatically shift?


Benefits of Empathy: Learn how to see differently

  • Promotes a customer service mindset that exceeds expectations and encompasses all stakeholders

  • Establishes genuine connections across departments and throughout the entire company

  • Shows genuine care and understanding for others' emotions and needs

  • Improves reflective and mindful responses, genuine and unscripted.

  • Expands compassion and knowledge beyond your own belief system

  • Promotes listening, learning, being curious and engagement

  • Strengthens community and workplace connections


Webinar Content:

  • Empathy is not just a soft skill but it is a powerful ally in building  health internal and external customer service

  • By gaining perspective, expressing genuine care, and actively encouraging curiosity, we can transform perceptions and beliefs that restrict connection and as together create a culture that ignites belonging.

August 15

at 1 PM PT

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